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SEO Checker is the all-in-one website SEO analyzer and performance tracker that helps you improve your site for the search engines and most importantly the users. The SEO analyzer gives in-depth reports with a custom checklist on how to improve your website for top ranking on the SERPs.

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In DefiniteSEO, common SEO refers to SEO issues on the website and the server that might have a direct impact on the crawlability, indexing, and ranking of a web page on the SERPs. This covers standard tests such as the noindex tag test, the SEO-friendly test, the favicon test, and others. Fixing common SEO errors is the first step toward a better user experience.

Keyword Suggestions

Next, based upon the usage of words in the content for the specific URL you have entered, it will suggest keywords ranging between 1 to 4 words. You can select the keyword you want to see results for and navigate to the bottom. Then click on the ‘start analyze’ button. In addition, if you want to enter your own custom keyword, you can type in the box given above, and lastly click on the ‘start analyze’ button.

SEO Analyzer

Content AI SEO Analyzer

The website analyzer gives you a competitive edge by thoroughly analyzing your site for the most widely used keyword on the web page. Depending upon the result you can choose the suitable keyword for which you want the detailed analysis. You can change your keyword by clicking on edit button. It also gives data of Count & Density of Keyword which help you to manage your keyword implementations in your Content.

Image SEO Optimizer

Optimizing images to improve the ranking of your website by checking these images for the search engines. Moreover, images provide more value to your images by adding more SEO efforts to improve the user engagement and accessibility of your website.

Video SEO

Video SEO simply refers to the practice of optimizing the video for indexing and ranking on the search engines for relevant keyword searches. There are many ways to optimize the videos for better ranking on the SERPs.

Content Improvement Suggestions

The term “content factor” refers to the assortment of factors used by search engines to rank web pages. Higher traffic equals improved conversion rates for websites that are well-optimized for numerous content elements. The content factor analysis checks in with numerous criteria for the quality of content in important SEO aspects of the web page..

Link Suggestions

Content and SEO go hand in hand. Good quality content is optimized for the search engines. At the same time, adding links like internal and external links to the website is also crucial in establishing a high authority for the web pages. Linking is an integral part of creating quality content and establishing link juice for individual pages. Incorrect linking practice means that your content may not rank or be found on search results.

How this SEO Analyzer Works

The website SEO checker makes it easy for any to optimize their website to rank well on Google as well as other search engines. It uses the best and up-to-date parameters that align with Google algorithms to show in-depth results and statistics so that you can take actions to optimize your site and make sure all web pages are crawled and indexed properly. It is super-easy to use. All of the features are pretty straightforward to use. All you need to do is enter the URL for which you want to analyze and take immediate actions based on the results.

Step 1

Enter your Page URL

You do not have to manually configure your site anymore. Simply add the URL of the page you want to check, and the SEO checker will immediately show you results based on which you can optimize the site.

Step 2

Select Your Keyword

The SEO site checkup configures and shows the results through an overview instantly. It is designed to show you in-depth results so that you can immediately take action to fix the critical errors, and optimize the site for ranking.

Step 3

Your SEO Audit is Ready

Next, Click on this tab and Get your free website score along with an individual sub score for all of the important ranking parameters checked, Common SEO, Keyword Factor, Content Factor, Link Factor, Image SEO, Video SEO .

All In One SEO Checker Solution

Automatically Run 190 + parameters to ensure your site has been
configured properly.

SEO optimizer

It makes it easy for anyone to determine the SEO checks, and optimize it based upon built-in test results and suggestions. Easily customize your site SEO for ranking on the SERPs.

Analyze the performance of your website. Automatic results let you take control and manage the performance, and page load speed of your website based on 39 tests.

Discover how search engines and users can use and access your website. Based upon 48 tests find out what is the usability score of your site.

Learn about your website domain. Get valuable information about your domain and see how it ranks on the SERPs.

Easy and quick analysis of all the popular social media platforms connected to your website. Find out how well your links are performing on social media.

It configures 10 tests to check the security of your website. Find out quick audits and reports on how secure your website is.

It conducts 11 tests in networking. These test results help you manage network connections for your site.

More Features


Find out your site’s page load speed, and uptime and determine how well it can perform. Quickly and easily analyze your web pages to find out performance – related issues that are affecting the page load speed and overall performance of the site. Organize data based upon the performance score which is determined from 39 tests that save you from hours of work. It lets you manage and take control of the performance and identify errors related to the performance of the page.


Monitor the usability and accessibility of your website. The simple and powerful interface highlights the most important information about your web pages themselves. Our SEO site checkup performs an in-depth analysis of your site for usability and accessibility so that you can provide users with a better user experience and also improve visibility on the search engine results. The site SEO checker highlights the errors related to may hamper the usability and accessibility of the site on different devices.


To use the website SEO checker all you need to do is enter the domain in the search box and click on the start analysis button. And that’s about it, the web analyzer will handle the rest of it. Within a few seconds, you will get detailed results related to the domain, and sub-domain so that you can take actionable steps. You can go through the results and work on the critical areas or the ones that need improvement, it will further assist you in ranking better.

Social Results

If you want to improve the search traffic, you need to have a great social media presence. Keep a track of how social results on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest with our website analysis reports. The report details on social results so that you know how your content is performing on these platforms. The SEO analyzer also features a preview snippet that allows you to check how your post shall appear on the SERPs.


Is your website secure? Website security can be a tipping factor to ensure Google ranks your site higher on the SERPs. Get a complete list of results that check whether your site is secure or not. Get a bird’s eye view of your site’s security-based on-site security tests. The detailed reports help you get a better understanding of what is working for your website and what is not. You get to know whether your site is secure enough for the users or not.

Progressive Web app

If you do not implement PWA on your site then it is surely a grave mistake. In this ever growing digital world, if you want to stay at the top of the game, and ahead of your competitors, you need to make sure to utilize the best technologies to implement mobile and web app users. By utilizing the useful data for Progressive Web App, and optimizing your site for it, you can make sure the website ranks well on the search engines. Well, with our online website performance check you get free access to the detailed PWA reports for your site.


MX Lookup , Whois Lookup , SPF Lookup , DKIM Lookup, A Lookup. AAAA Lookup , Cname Lookup, TXT Lookup , SOA Lookup , Reverse DNS Lookup

Our web analyzer is the best when it comes to checking networking errors and related issues on the site. DefiniteSEO allows you to check for all of the major networking tests that check and analyze the server for all of the records that can affect web performance. Alongside, our networking tests also provide you with in-depth results and actionable results about your site networking and how you can improve it..

Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is Search Engine Optimization? And how can you improve your site ranking?

In simple words, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process that helps in improving the website’s ranking on the SERPs. The better the visibility of your site or web page on the search results, the better your chances of web traffic, and sales. Several factors boost SEO ranking for your website. You can find our SEO analyzer with detailed results and reports to improve your site’s search engine ranking and get more web traffic.

Q. What is an SEO analyzer?

To keep compliance with the latest industry standards, we keep a close watch on Google updates and the latest guidelines for ranking on the search engine. Thus all of the features of the free SEO checker are designed keeping in mind the latest algorithm updates. The DefiniteSEO is an exceptional site analyzer that completely checks and analyses your website for any technical problems or issues that may impact the SEO of a website. You can use it as a site analytical to find out the site errors and work on them. And not just that it also provides you with points to improve and suggestions so that you can rank your site on the SERPs.

Q. Why is the SEO Analyzer DefiniteSEO beneficial for your site?

The site checker is an exceptional website analysis that not just helps you examine the issues and problems with your site but also helps you determine your competitor’s site’s SEO and clients as well. You can find a detailed SEO report which can help boost SEO ranking, examine top ranking sites, improve your website performance and optimize it for ranking.

Q. Do SEO errors or low overview scores affect ranking?

A thorough comprehensive on-page optimization is one of the most important factors to make your website well-optimized for the search engines. The recommended suggestions and points to improve are provided by SEO checker tests. It is recommended to keep your SEO score above 80% as it increases the possibility of ranking at the top of the SERPs.

Q. How can I find test results from the SEO analyzer?

Once you enter the URL the website SEO checker analyzes and examines the site, it will create a detailed report that you can check. You can also download results with the Export PDF option.

Q. Why is SEO website analysis important for marketing?

SEO is the cornerstone of digital marketing because millions of users search on the web for a particular search. If your site or web page shows on the top search results it not just boosts the search engine ranking but also helps in getting a better Return on Investment. Also features like rich results, and knowledge graphs in search results can help in improving the visibility of the site. With a website SEO checker, you can drastically improve the search engine ranking for your website.

Q. How does the web analytics work?

DefiniteSEO is a simple and easy-to-use website SEO checker. All you need to do is enter the URL in the box and click on the ‘Analysis’ button. You will then have to choose a keyword from the suggestions to find a detailed SEO report. In a matter of a few seconds, a detailed website report along with an overview of all the tests for all of the listed features will be available to you. Based upon how well your website is optimized an overview score is given, you can even find an individual SEO score which is calculated based on several criteria and tests and shows you several critical errors to improve, and suggestions to work upon.

Q. What is an overview score?

The overview score provides you with an overview of your test results. This helps you have a clear idea about your website optimization for ranking, what are the possible issues, and how you can fix them. On an average if your score is more than 70% it is considered great and shown in green, if it is less than 70% but more than 50%, it is considered pretty decent but you can still make improvements here, and this is shown in orange, and if the score is less than 50% considered critical, and you must recommend changes immediately.

Q. What does an SEO website analysis check?

The SEO analysis checks for critical errors on the site that are likely to affect the ranking and performance of the search engines. Here are the main criteria the site analyzer works on:

  • Performance
  • Image SEO
  • Video SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Link Factor
  • Usability
  • Security
  • Keyword Factor
  • Content Factor
  • Accessibility
  • Domain
  • Social Results

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