Privacy Policy

We at DefiniteSEO value the privacy of your customers the most. And make sure to handle the data of all the users and customers with utmost security. We are dedicated to protecting the privacy of all of our customers. Our Privacy Policy aims to provide the users with the right information based upon what we collect and why. Along with how we use this information. The Privacy Policy has been created to serve users who are perturbed by privacy concerns. And how their Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is used online. Personal information can be used to find out, locate, or get in touch with an individual.

The privacy policy applies to you, the user of this website, and DefiniteSEO customers. Along with any data or information was given by you while using the website.

In case you do not agree with any of these policies, please do not use this website or any of the products and services by DefiniteSEO. While if you choose to use our products and services, you impetuously abide by our privacy policy concerns. We suggest you read and go through the privacy policy section carefully. And get a better understanding of how we collect, utilize, and control your personal information.

Scope of Our Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy concerns are for the customers who are using the website and the products and services by DefiniteSEO. The Privacy Policy covers how DefiniteSEO handles the personal information that we collect and obtain. This also includes the information related to the prior use of the DefiniteSEO products and services. Personal Information is the data and information about the users that are personally distinguishable as in your name, address, email id, or contact number, and which is not otherwise available to the public. This policy does not apply to the practices of companies that are not owned by DefiniteSEO, Or to the people that DefiniteSEO does not employ or manage.

Information We Collect

DefiniteSEO collects Personal Identifiable Information (PII) with the consent of the user, which could be used to identify the user. This information is usually collected through Newsletters, surveys, or other services we offer to the users. The information we collect includes, but is not solely refines to the name, phone number, address, or email address of the users who are using DefiniteSEO.

Also, anonymous information may be collected through the website. As well as the traffic performance which includes geographic and demographic information.

How We May Use This Information?

Personal Information is essentially gathered to offer users personalized content and enhance the overall user experience. The statistical information of the website and the page is used to measure the popularity of the website and its usage. The users who share their information with us may receive newsletters, app updates, declarations, or marketing materials from our website. The users can always contact us and request to not receive these updates.

How Does DefiniteSEO Use this Information?

We at DefiniteSEO process, utilize and record the information that is essential to carry out the terms and services for our product, and business-related interactions. This shall include as following:

  • To communicate and create a connection with our users, about the use of the website, application, and services. Also our product-related announcements and updates. And to be able to respond to your feedback and queries for support in case you have any trouble accessing the product and services by us. Else to follow up with the customers or users.
  • To manage our website, application, software, and/or services. Also verify the users for the security reasons, provide tailored user-centric features, access. And process the transactions, carry out reviews, develop upcoming features, and work on the algorithms and performance of our website, app, or software.
  • To send our direct offers regarding our product DefiniteSEO, discounts through email, from which you can avail at any given time.
  • For finding out cumulative stats on the quantity of the type of devices being used to access our site, software, app or services. To recognize, and avoid misuse and fraudulent activities.
  • To instantly process the transactions.

How Do We Protect Your Information?

The personal information we collect from the users is protected and secured. Also this information is only accessible by a restricted number of people, who have access to the systems, and are directed to keep this information confidential. We utilize a series of security guidelines and measures when users use our product and services to maintain and secure their data and information. All transactions are secured and none is stored or processed on the servers.

How the Personal Information Secured, Modified, and Updated?

All of the personal information is gathered, stored, and protected on our secure servers that are only accessible by our employees. Under no conditions or situations, the personal identifiable information is delivered to the public or any of the partners without the permission or assent of the users. The information related to the account or any other personal identifiable information will be deleted upon the request of the user.

Managing the Use of the Data

  • The users are completely liable to ask us at any time for a copy of personal data that is carried by DefiniteSEO.
  • You have the right to withdraw the consent required to utilise the product and services provided by DefiniteSEO.
  • The users have the complete right to delete the data from the servers and databases of DefiniteSEO upon request at any given time.
  • You can opt-out of any promotional or marketing updates at any point in time.
  • You can request our team to take action on the aforementioned points through support by emailing us directly.
  • For any other concerns regarding the use of personal information and data, while using DefiniteSEO, you are always welcome to enquire about the support team.


We do use cookies to remember the information about your website. Cookies makes it easier and quicker to revisit the site. The cookies are small pieces of text which are sent to the browser. It allows the website to recognize the browser and store and remember the specific information. For example, the first time you use the DefiniteSEO website, cookies will be captured on your computer.

DefiniteSEO uses cookies to provide an optimized experience while using the website. And to enhance a series of products and services. We have conscientiously selected these cookies. And have taken the necessary steps to ensure our user’s privacy concerns are protected and taken into consideration every time.

Primarily, we use this information to gather and recall the session information for our users. This is for their convenience and website analytics, as mentioned under the ‘how we use the data’ section.

The cookies also help us provide a better user experience. As they help us understand the preferences of the users based on their previous and recent activities. As a result, we can provide you with enhanced services and better updates. We also use cookies to compile and get estimated data on the website traffic. And interaction so that we can provide a better user experience and enhance our product for future use.

Changes or Updates in the Privacy Policy

DefiniteSEO holds the complete right to modify, update, or change the above-mentioned privacy policy at any time. In such cases, we may or may not inform the users about the changes in the privacy policy. So, we always recommend our customers, and website users periodically review the privacy policy section.

In case the customers or the users continue to use our product. And/or services, it will immediately add up to the user’s acceptance of the copy-edit, amended Terms. If the users do not want to be bound by the alterations, they shall stop using the Services thereafter. In case, the users do not accept the revised Terms, may sanction either party to terminate the Services for the users.