Terms of Services

DefiniteSEO is an online service that offers a complete website analysis which indeed offers in-depth statistics and results so that you can optimise your site for the search engines. At DefiniteSEO we are fully aware of the confidence you put in us and we try our best to fulfil your privacy concerns when it comes to utilising our services. Indeed we take complete responsibility, and make sure to share all of the information we may require from you while accessing the website analysis tool, why we need it, and how we collect it from the users.

Please make sure to go through the Terms of Service section carefully before using the tool.

Your access to the tool and utilisation of the Service is constrained upon the acceptance of and being compliant with the terms mentioned here. These Terms and Conditions apply to all users, visitors, and anyone who wants to access our services. By acquiring or retrieving our services you agree to support these Terms. In case of disagreement with any terms and conditions, you shall not use any of these services. Breach or infringement of any of these Terms of Service gives us the complete right to terminate your access to these services at any time.

Collecting Personal Information

In case you subscribe to our blogs we may use your email address to keep you up with the latest updates. We may also contact you via surveys while conducting research on our product and services or possible new services. Please note that if you directly reveal information or data through DefiniteSEO online tool, this information may be collected by us.

DefiniteSEO does not use, sell, or lease the list of users to third parties. Your unique personal information such as email id, phone number, or address is not transferred to the third party.

DefiniteSEO is completely accountable for your personal information, without any prior notice, only if needed by law or in good faith that such action is crucial for the legal process.

Information Collection

All of the data collected by the DefiniteSEO tool can be used manually by different means that are available online like (Whois lookup, cached pages and so on). Thus, each report generated using the DefiniteSEO tool should be considered public and stored in our database. DefiniteSEO uses the information and data on the website to conduct tests and provide website analysis results and provide the statistics you require. This information may include domain names, on-page, and off-page SEO analysis, usability, networking, and so on. This information may be collected by the DefiniteSEO tool for operating its features, providing services, and statistical reports for in-depth website analysis.

How We May Use This Information?

Personal Information is essentially gathered to offer users personalised content and enhance the overall user experience. The statistical information of the website and the page is used to measure the popularity of the website and its usage. The users who share their information with us may receive newsletters, app updates, declarations, or marketing materials from our website. The users can always contact us and request to not receive these updates.

How Does Validation of the Data

Through DefiniteSEO we ensure the highest quality of results with utmost precision and continue to work on improving our services, and features, to return precise results for most websites. At the same time, DefiniteSEO does not have any authority or command over the search engines, search engine page results, and third party websites, thus cannot guarantee 100% accurate results each time. Also, if websites are built using unfamiliar or outdated methods, which may disrupt the testing process.


By utilising our services all of the users agree that you agree to not use the services for any reason that is unlawful or illegal or forbidden under the Terms of Service section, or any other motive that is unreasonable.

  • You shall not use DefiniteSEO for any illegal, deceptive, vindictive, or invidious activities.
  • You will not take up any action that will impair, overburden, or disable the normal functioning of the tool – DefiniteSEO.
  • You shall not collect the user’s content or details, or otherwise use DefiniteSEO by using automated resources without permission.
  • You shall not upload viruses or any other document for any ill-natured reasons.
  • You won’t upload content or information that belongs to someone else.
  • You will not breach or provoke any violations of the above-given statement.

Personal Information & Security

There is no way to completely protect data and information. However, we strive our best to protect the information of our users. DefiniteSEO uses the best of the technologies and processes to help protect personal information from any unauthorised access, application, or exposure. When personal data and information are transferred to the website, it is protected through the use of encryption, and SSL protocol.

The Closure

Your right to use our services and in general the DefiniteSEO tool automatically terminates at the end of the term of our agreement. And in other cases, if you are found violating these terms and conditions while using the tool. Also, we have the complete right in our sole discretion to end or terminate your access to all or some of the services provided by us, in case of any violations of the terms of service, with or without any prior notice.

The User’s Rights and Obligations for Using the Tool

  • The users shall use services offered by DefiniteSEO for website analysis and parameters that cater to search engine optimisation. In any case, if the user uploads content that is protected by copyright or any other proprietary rights into the services offered by our tool, the user is automatically agreeing to allow DefiniteSEO all of the crucial, non-exclusive, global, and continual rights to access their content only to provide our services. Moreover, the users concede that he is the violator of these rights and that he shall take charge of any claims from the third part of indemnifying DefiniteSEO.
  • The customers are required to use the services offered by DefiniteSEO concerning the Terms & Conditions, Terms of use, and other applicable legal compliances. In case of any infringements of the aforementioned terms, we shall hold the complete right to block or terminate/end the customer’s service at any given time.
  • The users accept and consent that aloof the rights, title, and regards, for any intellectual property rights of all kinds, including without any restrictions, copyrights, patents, databases of rights, trademarks, any code or software, that can be given to the customers or for use under this agreement, is exclusively on our property.


These Terms of Use shall remain under force and in consequence for as long as the customer is using our services. You may discontinue using our services at any given time, for any reason. We also reserve the right to end or terminate your services with us at any point in time. All settlements concerning the termination of your services will be made at the sole discretion of DefiniteSEO. We are not liable to provide any reason or disclose anything for the termination of your services with us. We reserve the right to end services for any of our users, for any reason, at any given point in time.

Embed Tool

We concede and obtain that we shall continue to ensure that the embed code functions on each website and platform. However, we do not assure you that the embedded code will work on every website and platform. Having said that, you can get in touch without the support team for any assistance and fix issues regarding the embedded code

Changes in the Statement

We can change or update the aforementioned Terms of Service at any point in time. We encourage our customers to intermittently review the Terms of Service section for any updates and changes. You can check the last updated date to know when the latest change has been done. If you continue to use our services, you are automatically agreeing to the new terms or updates that have been made.

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